Live for the audience of One.


I think it’s so important to see past people’s exteriors.

When I was battling depression heavily, I wanted nothing more than to be alone, far away from anything.
I wanted people to stop asking me what was wrong, I wanted them to let me be, to let me wallow and drown in my hopelessness. I didn’t…



i know what it’s like to battle your own mind every single day and i know what it’s like to try to have normal human interaction but your hands shake and your lips tremble and your heart beats wildly against your chest and it’s so stupid it’s so so so stupid because social anxiety makes you feel…


have u ever been in a mood to destroy your relationship with everyone you know

Jealousy is such a pain in the ass.

The first person who saw your face was delighted by you. Isn’t that something? You managed to bring joy only by breathing.
Your mother will occasionally peek through the cracks of your door when you are sleeping, even now, to make sure that she can see the movements of your chest.
The boy who kissed you in the park last night isn’t in love with you, he won’t even stay, but he meant every second of those minutes.
You’ll walk a city street that your feet have never touched before and you’ll be terrified of getting lost and that feeling is what’ll help you find the way home.
You’ll give your money to a homeless man and he will hold your hand firmly between his and he will say ‘thank you so, so much’ and isn’t that something?
There’s a piece of music that makes your heart feel like it’s bleeding. Listen to it. Listen to it again.
When was the last time you paused to stare at night time?
Did you know that there is at least one person in your life who will jump in front of a hail of bullets for you, without your asking.
Your entire body is made of nerves. Feel things.
Take walks in places you’ve never been.
Take photographs of people not everyone considers beautiful. Find loveliness in them.
Let go of the things that are killing you from the inside out.
One day you’re going to be part of the sky, you’re going to be that beautiful and that necessary but not today. Not today.


Your entire body is made of nerves. Feel things.

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I want to dissolve
I want to disappear
I want to be washed away with the rain, swept into the ocean, and evaporated into the atmosphere
I want to close my eyes and never have to open them again
I want to lie down and feel the last bit of energy seep out of the thin skin of my back and into the ground.
I want to be blind, yes
I don’t want see anything that won’t make me want what I want.
I want to be deaf to “are you ok”s
I want to be deaf to my own voice saying “yeah, I’m good”
I’m not good.
This is not good. This is not good.
Detached Voice from body, body from mind, mind from heart
The pieces don’t connect.
I am detached disconnected. disgusted.
I want. I want. I want.
I don’t want to be here.

God where are you.

Why am I so messed up. God is this how you designed my life? For me to be a complete screw up. Thank you.

I feel like punching a wall until my goddamn knuckles bleed.


Did the title of this post catch your attention?
Perhaps it sparked something inside of you.
A righteous anger? An adamant "But they can be depressed!"
If so, I commend your heart.

First and foremost, to clarify any misconceptions, “depression” is not simply a feeling of sadness. It is…